About Sharon

About Sharon

Glassy Art

My mosaic work is self-taught, born of a love of colour, nature & gardens.  I began in 2005 working with ceramic tiles, shells, and pebbles, recycling old pots and vases into things of beauty.

Photo of Sharon Carroll
Photograph of artist, Sharon Carroll

Then while living in Christchurch, the quakes broke my beautiful stained glass lamp, so I dismantled the pieces and started using glass in my works. The dragonflies, butterflies, native birds and mirrors were born of that disaster.  I now work almost exclusively in glass because nothing equals the reflective qualities of glass & mirror in any environment be it outdoor or indoor.

My art comes from the heart, it gives me great pleasure to create it.  If others get pleasure from it, and see the beauty within then that is a measure of my success.

My move to Nelson was motivated by the desire to live in an artistic, inspirational and positive place, and I am humbled to be amongst so many talented people.  It is a pleasure to be here, and I look forward to many years of glass creations.