Sharon & Bernard Carroll

Mixed media & Glass Mosaic artists


Sharon and Bernard are artists based in Nelson, New Zealand, specialising in glass mosaics and mixed media respectively. 

Glassy Art  by Sharon

My mosaic work is self-taught, born of a love of colour, nature & gardens.  I began in 2005 working with ceramic tiles, shells, and pebbles, recycling old pots and vases into things of beauty.

Now I work solely with glass. My art comes from the heart, it gives me great pleasure to create it.  If others get pleasure from it, and see the beauty within then that is a measure of my success.

Mixed Media: Angelus Art by Bernard

My main influence is a strong affinity with the texture and colours of nature.

My style is constantly developing, and I like to experiment with gel mediums which allows me to create many textures, in conjunction with nature’s wonderful bounty in my works.

A few samples of Bernard’s work
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