About Bernard

About Bernard

Angelus Art

My main influence is a strong affinity with the texture and colours of nature.

Photo of Bernard Carroll
Photograph of artist Bernard Carroll

I first started my artistic journey studying pottery, and mainly created tree themed pieces.  I then had the idea of using my ceramics as part of some mixed media art work.

I have now left the pottery behind, and work solely in acrylics and mixed media.  I use many of nature’s creations in my works, constantly marvelling at its infinite variety of colours and textures.

While I was in Christchurch, I studied under the water-colourist, Sarah Deans, which cemented the fact that I didn’t want to work in water-colours, but still taught me colour and composition. Then I found the wonderful mixed media artist Donna Steel, who really suited my style, and studied with her for 2 years.

My style is constantly developing, and I like to experiment with gel mediums which allows me to create many textures, in conjunction with nature’s wonderful bounty in my works.

I now live in Richmond, Nelson, and am inspired by the wonderful artistic environment here.